Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Winters Tale Day 19

Today I set jobs in order for 1st years to create an idea in which the director wanted. This idea is of an statue of patience on top of the water fountain. 

After the day they came up with 

Once painted it will looked completely different. Adding details to the statue will allow more realistic feel as if it was stone. 

A Winters Tale Day 18

Today moved the stage platform into the rehearsal space for the cast to get used to the size. 

Added the stage outline of the revolve. This was to help the cast and audience to get used to the playing space. 

A Winters Tale - Day 6


In today's blog we will be looking at the presentation I gave towards the cast in how the set will be looking and how this is then converted onto the stage. The presentation included all departments and all department heads attended if they were available.

A Winters Tale Day 5

DAY 5 

Today I looked at the playing area of the stage and how the cast would work upon the stage with the set as well. Looking at imagery that I had already previously looked at for the show I worked into the design of the set. 

At the end of the day after the cast had finished rehearsing I went to the rehearsal room to mark out the rehearsing room, ready for the cast on Monday to rehearse with. 

A Winters Tale Day 33


 By Christopher Milner

A Winters Tale Day 32


By Christopher Milner

A Winter Tale Day 31


In the next three blogs I will just be posting the show reports created by the show DSM. 


Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Winters Tale Day 24

Welcome to today's post, the day of the get into the theatre. 
This is how the theatre looked when we first walked into the studio, after hours of work we finished with this by the end of he day. 
As you can see the set is fully in the space aswell as lights and sound. We worked through little bit of set bits such as the blacks around the space, painting the seating banks and also the stage. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Winters Tale Day 23

In today's session into the construction of the set we began the final covering of the water fountain. Which it was all then sealed within a mixture of white paint and PVA glue. 

After the whole water fountain was covered it was left to set while other prices of set got a looking into. We started the texturing of the water fountain making a sandstone feel. 

We also used the same effect on the other pieces of set. This is so we can use shading to add more effect, details will be added at a later stage. We moved the water fountain from the work shop into the theatre ready for the get in tomorrow.

Monday, 25 January 2016

A Winters Tale Day 17

The set is finally coming along. Once the back wall had been fully attached it was clear how the other elements were going to fit in the revolving platform. The water fountain has started to be formed. The shell of the lower half has been constructed along with a sculpture to be placed on the water fountain.

Painting has begun in order to achieve a clean feel to the set as we enter the final weeks of the build the set will be cleaned up to look emaculate for the performance.

Friday, 22 January 2016

A Winters Tale Day 4

Myself and the director decided on the floor plan, it was a decision that the audience is going to be thrust theatre layout. Using my ideas of a revolving stage it seemed clear how to split the Acts in order to make a magical/illusional revolving set on the stage. I created a full scale model from the plans.


A Winters Tale Day 3

Today began with a meeting with the director about my set plans and ideas. Showing him all my staging plans and then some imagery regarding the look of the set including the revolve. 


Once ideas had been discussed I came up with final designs for a floor plan. I then went away and made a Computer Aided design. This design features a fully working revolving stage. This helped to visualise the means of making the objects spin and also making sure nothing was going to hit the light in the rig or anything else that may be a hazard. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016



Over the next 3-4 weeks I am going to be documenting my time of a set designer on A Winters Tale. As a module at my University I am working to creating magic within theatre. By this I mean that I want to transport an audience to a new world within the theatre. 

How can a theatre be turned into a different world, from pantomimes, drama plays to even festivals. 

FROM: www.dailyemerald.com

The smile on audiences faces after a show has finished is on the best feelings for an actor. To convey emotion is important but all can't be done without the technical aspects. The lighting setting the mood. The sounds within a space. Even the setting of a show. Every aspect of the production has an effect on the audience. Thats why my aim is to create a magical setting for the audience to get lost in - A Winters Tale.

http://www.theatreroyal.co.uk - NEWCASTLE 

A Winters Tale Day 2

Design Work Underway

From my past designs I choose the best 3 designs to develop, creating a computerised version of my sets I could start the see the visualisations in my head and how they would compose into the venue. 



In this design I have decided to set it in the round. With audience on all four sides and the staging set on various levels allowing a transformation from scene to scene and showing different character roles.

The design of this set is in a thrust format. The audience on three sides of the stage. Stage set on 4 different levels again can show progression of characters within the directed piece. In initial ideas is thinking of using a revolve set within the stage.  

An end on/thrust theatre setting where the cross between the stage and audience could be lost. The stage having a typical shakespearean setting but including the technology of a revolve placed within the stage. 

A Winters Tale Day 1


Today began with a read through of the script of A Winters Tale with the cast. After reading it myself from a technical aspect in terms of set design it was good to see another take especially from the casts susceptive.
SOURCED FROM: quotesgram.com

With this read through it was a chance to have a meeting with the director which he could elaborate his idea's onto us that he has already thought.

While awaiting the production I began the process of creating designs which I thought would working in order to convey the script and also I timing with My Clew. - See My Clew Blog to find out what this is.