Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Winters Tale Day 19

Today I set jobs in order for 1st years to create an idea in which the director wanted. This idea is of an statue of patience on top of the water fountain. 

After the day they came up with 

Once painted it will looked completely different. Adding details to the statue will allow more realistic feel as if it was stone. 

A Winters Tale Day 18

Today moved the stage platform into the rehearsal space for the cast to get used to the size. 

Added the stage outline of the revolve. This was to help the cast and audience to get used to the playing space. 

A Winters Tale - Day 6


In today's blog we will be looking at the presentation I gave towards the cast in how the set will be looking and how this is then converted onto the stage. The presentation included all departments and all department heads attended if they were available.

A Winters Tale Day 5

DAY 5 

Today I looked at the playing area of the stage and how the cast would work upon the stage with the set as well. Looking at imagery that I had already previously looked at for the show I worked into the design of the set. 

At the end of the day after the cast had finished rehearsing I went to the rehearsal room to mark out the rehearsing room, ready for the cast on Monday to rehearse with. 

A Winters Tale Day 33


 By Christopher Milner

A Winters Tale Day 32


By Christopher Milner

A Winter Tale Day 31


In the next three blogs I will just be posting the show reports created by the show DSM.